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Warning: RoyxEd, Yaoi, Nudity

Chapter 2
Edward woke to the sound of his stomach rumbling, it had been before lunch, when he and Roy had.... Had just had the hottest sex in the history of sex, Ed felt his face turning red and hot at the fact he just slept with General Roy Mustang The Flame Alchemist He wondered how many women clawed over themselves for a chance at what he just got?  He lay there for a few moments still on his back from where he had been nailed to the spot by Roy. Ed turned his head to look at the clock his eyes met with that of Roy's sleeping face.

"Damn," Edward then gave a yawn he propped himself up on his right elbow so he could look over Roy. Four O'clock, "Wow," Ed yawned again he covered his mouth as he did so. Then as he made to sit up he winced his ass hurt he felt all stiff.  Then Ed turned and started to poke Roy on his shoulder. "Wake up General." The poking didn't seem to make too much of a difference "Wake up Mustang!" Edward wanted to talk to him now about what had happened. Edward pushed him on his shoulder to hard he went rolling off the bed and landed on the floor with a loud clattering  thud taking all the blankets with him.

Ed rolled his eyes, as Roy emerged from the floor with the blanket over his head looking like sheet ghost. "Jeez Fullmetal you could have given me a little gentler of a wakeup call." Roy pulled the covers off of his face he stood up and sat back on the bed.

"Well you sleep like a rock I had to do something to startle you back into the world of the living." Ed crossed his arms. Roy looked the sexy naked site over wow he couldn't believe it still, that Fullmetal was sitting in all his nude glory on his bed after he got to fuck him. "Besides I didn't mean to push you off the bed you kind of just went with the momentum." Ed noticed Roy was just kind of lazily looking over his body noticed his eyes would drift down between his legs.  "Mustang Are you paying attention to me!?" Edward demanded to know.

"Oh yes I am paying very close attention to your body when it's all sexy and naked like this in front of me." Roy reached over and pulled Edward onto his lap. Roy then leaned Edward back in his strong arms he bent down and kissed him on his lips before he could moan too much.

Edward pushed away from the kiss, "Mustang I want to talk to you about all of this." Edward had his legs spread open comfortably on Roy's folded legs it was rather cozy like this he thought as he looked up at Roy.

"Um alright then Fullmetal what is it you'd like to talk about?" Roy wondered and stroked Edward on his braid it appeared that Roy had adoration glowing in his black ember eyes.

"Well, now that you had sex with me....  I am your Colonel and your my General.... What are we...  going to be boyfriend and boyfriends I guess that is my question." Edward didn't know how to ask it so it was all chopped up.

"Well, you better be my boyfriend now, I won't have to going off to sleep with other men or women after this." Roy said firmly, which made Edward feel so much better. "As far as the boyfriend thing goes for our jobs, the military can keep its big nose out of it. I really don't care I been serving under this military long enough I got to the ranking in which I had most desired besides of course Fuhrer. Which I still will be one day, I am the youngest General in all of Amestris so I believe I can achieve my goal even better now that I have you by my side as my open loving partner. I had always dreamed of being with you as well one more of my dreams has become reality."

Edwards face felt warm inside when Roy answered to him like this, "Really you always liked me ever since we met?" Ed scratched his head a bit thinking about it, then he frowned. "So you liked me when I didn't have and arm or leg and I was only eleven?"

Roy nodded, "I suppose it's what one calls love at first site, though of course at the time I didn't know it was love. I knew I wanted to see you get out of that chair, I saw that fire still lit in your eyes behind the thin grey filmy drapes you put over your eyes,  when you were planning on giving up.  Not to mention you at such a young age were able to do something so powerful. You really turned me on with that as well. Of course I would wait tell you were of age to make any moves, though I cursed the fact we were so many years apart. Fate can be so cruel," Roy shook his head then hugged Edward into his body. "But that is all over with we can be together now.

Edward hugged Roy back, "Good,  I feel so happy with everything you just told me. I suppose all that hate I had for you was really just love in disguise then?" The blonde wondered with his lips toward Roy's neck as Roy still held on to him.

"Well clearly, if you truly didn't want this you'd have broken my face by now." Roy pointed out, "And you may call me Roy when we are alone by the way." Roy whispered this in Edward's ear.

"Alright Roy," Ed pulled back to look at the older sexy man. "I guess well you call me Ed anyways." Ed shrugged they both chuckled at that. Then Edward leaned in and gave Roy a kiss on the lips then his stomach made a loud gargling sound again making them both look down.

"I guess I can't get full on sex hugs and kisses," Edward said putting his hand on his belly.

"No I suppose not lets head to the dinning cart then shall we?" Roy then scooped Edward up and got up off the bed. Roy set Ed down on his feet, which Edward didn't realize just how off balance he was from having what felt like his center of gravity fucked off. Edward wobbled backwards then sat on the bed which hurt when he went down so quickly cause his asshole was still so tender.

Roy smirked this gave his head a ego boost, though he hoped Ed was ok he was a very tiny man despite Ed's anger at wishing he wasn't. "Are you ok Ed?" Roy wondered now that he was dressed back in his military uniform.

"Oh yeah just fine," Edward gave Roy a thumbs up, "I just feel like I got done riding on a broad backed horse for three days that is all." Edward stood up again and waddled with his legs apart toward the door where his clothes had been thrown about in Roy and Ed's reckless abandon to get naked and have sex.

"Well if you'd like I could always go to the lunch room and get you a plate of food, so you don't have to waddle around too much if you're in pain." Roy offered watching Ed try and put his boxers back on only to fall over and land on his back.

Edward then bent his knees and pulled his boxers on over his thighs then over his ass. "No its ok I need to walk it off I am sure." Edward looked up at Roy as his black shinny booted feet were now on either side of his head. Ed reached around on the floor and found his pants.

"Well alright then Ed." Roy replied once Edward managed to get dressed again, they went into the lunch room so they could make themselves something to eat. As they came into the small cafeteria like room Ed saw Alphonse eating some soup and reading a book.

"Hey Al," Edward had forced himself to closes his legs so he could try and walk without looking like he was riding and invisible horse. He waved at his younger brother who looked up from his book.

"Well there you are Brother." Al noticed Roy was behind him then fallowed after him. There was something  different about these two they were in the same area for more then five seconds they had not started to bicker. Alphonse was sure it would start at any moment though. "Hello General Mustang." Alphonse greeted him as Roy stopped next to Edward who was standing across from his table.

"Hi Alphonse," Roy waved and smiled then walked toward the kitchen. Roy felt like a brand new man now that Edward was his boyfriend, he seemed to walk with his chest a bit more out and he had proper poster as if he was more than thrilled. "I am going to make me a sandwich!" Roy announced.

Alphonse kind of giggled when Roy acted silly it was hilarious, it didn't seem like that was something he would normally do so when he did to it, Al couldn't contain himself. "What is going on why are you two looking so glowly?" Alphonse wondered to his brother who he noticed was watching after Roy's ass now and had headed after him.

"I'll tell you once we get our food, I am starved!" Edward told Al without glancing at him then he went into the kitchen with Roy together they made themselves some ham n cheese sandwiches, Edward made himself three,  also boiled some water so he and Roy could have tea once that was all through they walked back out to the dining area and Ed set his food and drink down across from Al. Roy sat down next too Edward.

Al looked up again this was really weird he thought,  had they crossed through some parallel gate while they traveled on the water he wondered. Though that couldn't be though it was odd to see, it didn't seem wrong the odd thing about it was, it seemed so right that Ed and Roy were sitting together it seemed to make perfect harmony around them.

"Roy and I are boyfriends." Edward broke into Alphonse's thoughts with a happy tone in his voice Al looked over at Edward, then back at Roy. Al was sort of already getting that vibe he nodded.

"Well congratulations,  I just hope you don't really rip each others heads off!" Alphonse said worried. "I mean you two have very touchy tempers you know." Al would never judge anyone on being gay, straight or transgendered. Edward was his brother he just wanted to make sure he got the best out of life in every situation, the most important one was the right mate. "I just don't want to see you get hurt. If General Mustang can make you happy I am happy too."

Roy smiled at Alphonse, "don't worry I don't plan on ever hurting Edward, I'll protect him from that kind of thing from now on."  The Cafeteria was an open room so they could see out into the ocean a warm salty breeze blew into the room to tousle  Roy's bangs over his forehead.

"Even if we do argue, I suppose that is part of the relationships package. I think he and I got the argument part down to the T. So We are alright on that." Edward chuckled giving a little smirk and shrug.

"Well so long as you two know what you're getting yourselves into." Alphonse said with a shrugging. "I have to admit you two make the most attractive gay couple I have ever seen and it does make me happy, to see you two together it kind of seems, like this  unnecessary   tension you two had between you,  is finally pulled away and the air is more relaxed and we can all breath, though I don't know why it affected me too, but when you two are in the same room, it's like you give off strong singles I think it has to do with the fact your both very strong willed."

"Also its cause your very empathetic Alphonse," Edward pointed out helpfully to his brother.  Edward then picked up his tea and sipped it. Roy was so happy that he and Ed were together now, which meant he could touch Edward, whenever he pleased he had always wanted to do this, he ran his hand down to Ed's butt that was kind of hanging over the seat, he gave it a nice little squeeze he got the wanted result, which caused Ed to jump in surprise and spit his tea out Alphonse ducked quickly out of the way.

"Aw you make such a cute little sprinkler!" Roy teased Edward the fingers went on kneading through Ed's plump ass cheek.

"GAH damn it don't call me small, for fuck sakes are you trying to put me in an early grave, since we all know you're so close to being dead,  cause you're so god damn mother fucking old!" Edward slapped the warm hand away from his ass.

"Oh then if that is the case, how is that I'd be able to snatch you up if you tried to run away, Oh that is right cause you have such little legs  I'd catch up easily!" Roy chuckled.

"Oh yeah right, your two old and slow you'd never be able to catch me you old slow fart your ON!" Edward leapt off of the bench and ran toward the exit with Roy chasing after him. They ran past as Hawkeye was just entering the room. Alphonse came out from under the table once the crazy pair  left.

Hawkeye walked over to Alphonse, "I see the children are at it again?" she said crossing her arms with as little smirk on her face.

"Yeah same old Brother and General" Al said giving a nervous laugh and shaking his head. "I just hope they don't make a hole in the ship."

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